Smart Nonlinear Photonics

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On this personal website, you will find an overview of my research activities, held in the area of nonlinear photonics at the Xlim Research Institute (CNRS - Limoges, France) and within an international network of collaborators.

A complete list of publications is available, and the most common online profiles provide additional conference contributions and open-access publication links.

Presently, content is only in English, but you can also get in touch in French.

Feel free to contact me in case you may need further information, or are interested in joining our team within available vacancies. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible...

Research highlights:

We report on the generation of microcavity-based frequency combs (i.e. microcombs), mediated by the formation of so-called 'laser cavity solitons'. In contrast to Lugiato-Lefever solitons, formed upon a continuous wave background provided by an external laser, these solitary pulses extract their energy directly from the gain of the lasing medium, and exist without any background light (making them intrinsically energy-efficient).

See the full article in Nature Photonics (2019).

We report on the deep penetration of light in red blood cell suspensions: nonlinear responses induced by optical forces allow for the 'self-trapping' of light. Such a tunable waveguiding effect shows enhanced guiding of a laser beam (reducing the impact of scattering and diffraction effects) with potential applications for optical diagnosis.

See the full article in Light: Science & Applications (2019)

We report on tailored nonlinear interactions during optical pulse fibre propagation: bunches of ultrashort pulses are generated by a photonic chip and controlled via machine-learning techniques to sculpt 'on-demand' broadband output spectra.

See the full article in Nature Communications (2018)