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Laser Systems & Optical Resonators

Advanced laser systems with nested optical resonator

We embed optical resonators within active fiber cavities to unlock and study novel features and nonlinear dynamics:

  • Efficient optical frequency combs generated via a novel class of dissipative solitons: laser cavity solitons (LCS) in nested microresonator cavity
  • Laser mode-locking using microresonator-based nonlinear optical loop mirrrors (NOLM/NALM): Low-energy & ultra-narrow spectral width passive mode-locking (world record low-bandwitdh)
  • Study of resonator thermo-optical instabilities (e.g. complex coupling of laser gain and resonator thermo-optical frequency shift for saturable absorbtion and Q-switching)

Schematic of a microresonator-based laser mode-locked with a nonlinear optical loop mirrror (left) ; Example of microrod resonator coupled with a fiber taper to explore thermo-optical instability dynamics in gain coupled cavity systems (right).

Optical microresonator (blue) nested in a fibre laser cavity (yellow), used for the generation of frequency microcombs (inset) via the formation of energy-efficient laser cavity solitons

See a video from our colleagues at the University of Sussex talking a bit more about these results.

Principle used for the generation of a "quantum frequency comb":

Additional processing and functionalities can be obtained via coherent optical control (spectral filtering/shaping, phase/amplitude modulation, etc.)

Optical quantum state generation and processing

We use integrated optical resonator systems for the generation and coherent control of quantum optical state:

  • Multiple single photons
  • Entangled photon pairs
  • Multi-mode/photon entangled states

Selected publications:

Selected highlights & monographs:

  • M. Kues, C. Reimer, P. Roztocki, L. Romero Cortés, S. Sciara, B. Wetzel, Y. Zhang, A. Cino, S.T. Chu, B.E. Little, D.J. Moss, L. Caspani, J. Azaña, R. Morandotti, Scaling on-chip entangled photon states to higher dimensions, Optics & Photonics News Special Issue: Optics in 2017, Vol. 28, Issue 12, pp. 37 (2017)
  • C. Reimer, M. Kues, P. Roztocki, B. Wetzel, F. Grazioso, B.E. Little, S.T. Chu, T. Johnston, Y. Bromberg, L. Caspani, D.J. Moss, R. Morandotti, On-chip quantum frequency combs, Optics & Photonics News Special Issue: Optics in 2016, Vol. 27, Issue 12, pp. 46 (2016)