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Nonlinear & Ultrafast Fibre Optics

Nonlinear pulse propagation engineering & applications

We tailor ultrashort optical pulse propagation for the control of selected nonlinear phenomena and towards desirable functionalities.

Recent experimental demonstrations include:

  • Smart supercontinuum generation via on-chip adaptive pulse-splitting
  • Controlled shock wave formation via spectral pulse shaping
  • Dispersive wave shaping/colisions via "accelerating" pulses
  • Spectral Talbot effect for frequency comb tailoring
  • Modulation instability and soliton control via optical seeding

"Optical shock" generated from a tailored Riemann wave.

DFT technique (top) & FROG trace of femtosecond pulse bunches (right)

Advanced ultrashort optical characterization

We develop and implement state-of-the-art ultrafast optical measurement techniques:

  • Second-harmonic generation based techniques (e.g. Frequency-resolved optical gating - FROG/XFROG)
  • Kerr frequency conversion & Interferometric approaches (e.g. SPIDER)
  • Real-time measurements techniques (e.g. Dispersive Fourier transform technique for spectral measurements & Time-lens technique for ultrashort temporal measurements)

Fundamental of nonlinear photonics

We study fundamental aspects of nonlinear dynamics such as complexity, randomness and self-organization:

  • Nonlinear optical propagation (nonlinear Schrödinger equation - NLSE)
  • Study of localized structures & soliton dynamics (solitons on a finite background, Akhmediev breathers, Peregrine soliton, Riemann waves, etc.)
  • Modulation instability & extreme event formation
  • Optics-hydrodynamics analogies (NLSE, NSWE, etc.)

Selected publications:

Selected highlights & monographs:

  • B. Wetzel, F. Benabid, Striving for extreme solitons, Nature Photonics, Vol. 13, Issue 8, pp. 509-511 (2019) – Invited “News & Views” contribution
  • B. Wetzel, A. Pasquazi, R. Morandotti, Water waves in optical fibers, Physics Vol. 7, pp. 48 (2014) – Invited “Viewpoint” contribution
  • T. Godin, B. Wetzel, J.M. Dudley, G. Herink, F. Dias, G. Genty, B. Jalali, C. Ropers, D.R. Solli, Ultrafast single-shot measurements in modulation instability and supercontinuum, Optics & Photonics News Special Issue: Optics in 2013, Vol. 24, Issue 12, pp. 55 (2013)
  • B. Kibler, K. Hammani, J. Fatome, G. Millot, C. Finot, G. Genty, M. Erkintalo, B. Wetzel, F. Dias, N. Akhmediev, J.M. Dudley, The Peregrine soliton observed at last, Optics & Photonics News Special Issue: Optics in 2011, Vol. 22, Issue 12, pp. 30 (2011)
  • B. Wetzel, J.M. Dudley, M. Erkintalo, G. Genty, K. Hammani, B. Kibler, J. Fatome, C. Finot, G. Millot, F. Dias, N. Akhmediev New analysis of an old instability, SPIE Newsroom, Optoelectronics & Communications, DOI:10.1117/2.1201104.003697 (2011) – Invited contribution